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Honourable Vanessa Goodwin - Resignation from Legislative Council

Ms Armitage (Launceston) - Mr President, I appreciate the opportunity to say a couple of words about Vanessa this afternoon.

Our Vanessa, Dr Vanessa Goodwin, the former member for Pembroke, is an amazing, beautiful person. A genuine, caring individual for whom nothing was too much trouble. She was kind and generous; she made me, as a new member, feel very welcome and I really appreciated that.

Vanessa showed herself to be a friend to all and she was always happy to help. In my years in this place I never heard Vanessa say a bad word about anyone, nor have I ever heard anyone say a bad word about Vanessa, whatever their political affiliation. She is respected by all.

Vanessa was a wealth of knowledge when it came to legislation and I believe she was a wonderful Attorney-General and minister. She appeared to love her portfolios and I think many could call her a workaholic.

She was also an amazing minister for the Arts and we were always delighted in Launceston when Vanessa travelled north, which she did regularly because she was never one to make any part of the state feel left out.

She was great company. I fondly recall when Vanessa accompanied me to the Breath of Fresh Air movies in Launceston. I also recall when, as mentioned by the member for McIntyre, as busy as she was, she managed to get to parts of my electorate tour of Launceston even though she was so busy in all parts of the state with her portfolios.

Having visited Vanessa recently with the member for McIntyre, it was so pleasing to see her looking so well. I really sincerely hope that one day Vanessa will be well enough to return to this place. I have no doubt at all she would be elected in a landslide should she choose to stand in the future.

In closing, I miss Vanessa's presence in this House very much. The calm, professional manner in which she handled the House, her personality, her knowledge and her willingness to help, but most of all I think I simply miss having Vanessa with us.

To Vanessa, we love you and we wish you all the best for the future with your recovery.

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