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Workers Rehabilition and CompensationAmendment (Presumption as to Cause of Disease) Bill 2019 (No 7)

[2.57 p.m.]

Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - Mr President, like the member for Windermere, I commend the Government on this legislation. I think unless you have been in that spot, as the member for Windermere has, you cannot imagine what it must be like being a first responder or even a later responder. It is very important that volunteers are included in the legislation because they suffer just as much as others.

While I accept the legislation cannot be retrospective, it is a bit of a shame because I am quite sure there are many people in that situation - whether a long time ago or recently - who might have had claims but unfortunately will not be helped by this legislation. I am pleased to see it will apply to undecided cases and to new claims if the injury occurred before the bill's commencement. That is very important.

I do not think there is much to be said here. I support this legislation. I also received the letter from the Police Association of Tasmania with regard to it. We all remember the issues we had with the firefighters' legislation and making sure that things are equal. It is really good to see that volunteers are also included in this. I support the legislation.

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