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North Melbourne FC - TT Line Sponsorship


[2.40 p.m.]

Would the Leader please advise -

  1. What is the total value of TT-Line's sponsorship of the North Melbourne Football Club as a so‑called 'Platinum Partner' of the team, including actual financing, estimated value of non‑tangibles and contra?

  2. Can you please explain exactly what TT-Line's 'function, service or concession' is, as defined under the Government Business Enterprises Act, and has it demonstrated adequate value for Tasmania?

  3. I am going to add a bit which you may or may not be able to answer: if your answer to (2) is 'Yes, that it has been of adequate value', can you please advise how?


Mr President, I thank the member for Launceston for her question. I am not sure I will be able to answer that bit if it is not already here. I will see how we go.

It had to come from two different departments. The answer for question (1) is from the Minister for Infrastructure.

(1) This information is commercial-in-confidence -

Ms Forrest - As we have been told every other time we have asked it.

Ms Armitage - It is worth asking.

Mrs HISCUTT - Please note the chairman and the chief executive officer of TT-Line provided an update on the North Melbourne Football Club agreement in an in camera session to the Legislative Council Government Administrative Committee A at the Legislative Council's request on 21 September 2016.

I have that letter from the committee to Mr Dwyer here if you would like me to read it in.

Ms Armitage - Does it give me any information?

Mrs HISCUTT - I will read it and you can decide.

This came from the honourable Craig Farrell, who was Chair of the committee at the time to Mr Bernard Dwyer -

Dear Mr Dwyer

Legislative Council Government Administration Committee A would like to thank you and Mr Mike Grainger for attending a fully constituted meeting of the Committee this morning in order to provide details regarding the North Melbourne sponsorship deal.

The Committee would also like to confirm that the information provided by yourself and Mr Grainger was provided in private session, and that pursuant to Sessional Orders 13(3) and 13(4), the evidence received will not be disclosed or published except by leave of the Council or the Committee or with the consent of the witness.

The Committee would also like to inform you that the Committee will not be investigating this matter any further.

It probably does not help you much.

Ms Armitage - What a shame, given Hawthorn's deal is common knowledge.

Mrs HISCUTT - The answer to the second question comes from the Treasurer.

(2) TT-Line's Members' Statement of Expectations was updated in July 2016 to recognise the provision of sponsorship funding for the North Melbourne Football Club of $890 000 per annum by TT-Line, from 2016-17 to 2020-21 as a non-commercial activity.

An independent report was commissioned by the Hobart City Council to consider the socio‑economic value of the AFL games in Hobart in 2015. The report conservatively estimates the socio-economic value of three North Melbourne AFL games and related activities in Greater Hobart to be $43.7 million.

Ms Armitage - And they do not even have our name on their guernseys.

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