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Greater Hobart Bill 2019 (No 11)

[4.05 p.m.]

Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - Mr President, I thank the Leader for the briefings and also the briefings from the mayors and general managers. It clarified for me that they are satisfied with this bill as it currently stands and would like to see it passed as soon as possible.

As we have been told, the bill came together after nearly two years of collaboration between the four councils - Hobart, Kingborough, Glenorchy and Clarence. We are also told that Hobart is the only jurisdiction in the country that does not have a capital city act. It is considered there is a collective benefit for the whole of the region which should result in significant economic benefit, compared with the current piecemeal of municipality by municipality, and it is important that Greater Hobart is seen as one city.

While I note Adelaide and Perth have something similar, this bill is based on the successful Sydney model - that is, the Greater Sydney Commission, with its explanation of delivering the vision for a more productive, liveable and sustainable Greater Sydney.

This bill appears to be the best approach with amalgamation off the table, and is a way of enabling collaboration between government and the four councils. I note also from our briefing that the mayors see this bill as useful and important, and that three mayors have to agree before anything goes forward.

If the mayors of these four councils are satisfied with this bill and consider it workable, I have no problem approving it and moving it into Committee.

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