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[2.39 p.m.]

Regarding board membership of government business enterprises, state-owned corporations and other government boards, will the Leader please advise -

(1) The current breakdown of board membership by region in Tasmania, as well as members who reside interstate, for each government business enterprise?

(2) The current breakdown of board membership by region in Tasmania, as well as members who reside interstate, for each state-owned corporation?

(3) For each additional government board, what is the current breakdown of board membership by region, as well as how many members reside interstate?

(4) Does the Government understand the value and benefits of retaining board members with local knowledge and understanding of Tasmania's unique social and economic climate, particularly as they relate to Tasmania's regions?

(5) With regard to question (4), does the Government have plans to ensure that a greater number of local Tasmanian board members are recruited and retained to the boards of Tasmanian government business enterprises, state-owned corporations and other government boards?

(6) As of 2018, the GBEs Sustainable Timber Tasmania, Hydro-Electric Corporation, Motor Accidents Insurance Board, Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority, Tasmanian Public Finance Corporation and the Public Trustee had a combined 15 board members located in the south, 12 from interstate, and two each from the north and north-west. Does the Government have any plans to actively balance these numbers, particularly as they relate to the north and north-west?

(7) Do any members of these boards sit on more than one board? If so, could the Leader please advise the names of these board members, and which boards they sit on?


Mr President, I thank the member for Launceston for her questions. There are some tables in among it, so I will read the answers without the tables, and then seek the member's permission to table those other answers. I will start with question (3) -.

(3) The Women on Boards database holds data of 101 government boards and committees - that is, excluding GBEs and SOCs - as of 30 June 2020. Of the 101 boards and committees, there are 830 filled positions on government boards and committees; of these, 594 reside in the south, 66 reside in the north-west, 140 reside in the north, and 30 reside interstate. Please note that as some members sit on multiple government boards and committees, they are being counted more than once in the above data. There are currently 24 positions across the 101 boards and committees.

(4) As outlined in the Guidelines for Tasmanian Government Businesses Board Appointments, an active approach to board composition and renewal is required to ensure a balance of skills and expertise that match the needs and direction of each government business. The guidelines stipulate that the director selection and appointment process for Tasmanian government businesses is to be undertaken within the parameters of several key principles, one of which is diversity.

(5) The selection process has been developed to recognise the importance of diversity in board membership and the need to maintain a constant and ongoing pool of qualified candidates. This ensures the balance of skills and experience - including geographical background - are identified and considered throughout the selection process.

(6) The Treasurer and portfolio ministers actively monitor diversity of government businesses boards' composition.

(7) There are four people on multiple government business boards, named here in a table. If the member for Launceston is agreeable, I would seek leave to have the answers and tables incorporated into Hansard.

Ms Armitage - That is fine thank you. I may have further questions regarding boards next week.

Leave granted; see Appendix 3 for incorporated document (page 148).

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