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Motion - Ash Barty

Tuesday 24 August 2021

[3.25 p.m.]

Ms HOWLETT - Mr President, I move -

That the Legislative Council -

(1) acknowledges the recent success of Australia's World No. 1 ranked tennis player, Ashleigh 'Ash' Barty, in winning the 2021 Wimbledon Women's Singles title in July and representing Australia at the recent Tokyo Olympics;

(2) admires her dedication, conduct and sportsmanship; and

(3) recognises and pays tribute to her as a magnificent ambassador for Australian female athletics on the world stage.

[3.30 p.m.]

Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - Mr President, I pay tribute to the exceptional performance of Ash Barty during this year, being Australia's world number one ranked female tennis player, winning the 2021 Wimbledon women's singles title in July and representing Australia at the Tokyo games.

At the tender age of 25, Ash's CV of sporting achievements is becoming very long indeed. Excitingly so. In addition to her sporting achievements, Ash's demeanour off the court is something to which we can all aspire.

Ms Rattray - She speaks well, doesn't she?

Ms ARMITAGE - She does. As a national indigenous ambassador for Tennis Australia, her promotion of indigenous participation in tennis has an immensely positive flow-on effect for health, social inclusion and paving the way for others to earn achievements of their own. Ash was the 2020 Young Australian of the Year, emphasising her status as an all-round inspiration for young people. Ash's humble and positive attitude, commitment to improving our sporting communities and commitment to self-care and self-wisdom, are the qualities that make her truly great. As the member for McIntyre said, Ash does speak well and she is a great role model for our young people.

Ms Rattray - She is so humble and talks her about her team.

Ms ARMITAGE - Yes and that is wonderful. We have a long and proud history of sporting achievements in Australia, and to see young people such as Ash bodes very well for our future.

As mentioned by the member for Prosser, it was interesting to see as that Ash's dream week ended on a perfect note as she beat Jill Teichmann in the final of the Cincinnati Masters, to claim her fifth title of the year. As the article states, the Aussie superstar was flawless as she demolished her Swiss rival 6-3, 6-1 to continue an incredible hot streak in 2021 and become the first Australian to win this tournament since her idol Evonne Goolagong Cawley did so 48 years ago in 1973. Interestingly, the only part that I noticed here that was a little disappointing was that Barty received less prize money than the men's champion in Cincinnati. The women's cheque for winning champion was $357 000 whereas the men's championship was $918 000. I appreciate they probably play five sets as opposed to three, but I am quite sure the women would be happy to play an extra two sets. The total prize money on offer for the men increased 14.7 per cent from last year to $6.8 million while the for the women it decreased 6 per cent compared to 2020 down to $2.96 million.

In closing, it was a wonderful effort by Ash Barty - a very humble, well-spoken lovely young lady. She is a wonderful ambassador for Australia and a great role model for all our people - female, male or others. I hope that perhaps that some of these tennis tournaments around the world will give equal contribution to the male and female championships. That is something I have noted from reading Ash's latest win.


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