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Motion - Report into Workplace Culture - Tasmanian Parliament and Ministerial Services

Wednesday 7 September 2022, Motion

[3.22 p.m.]

Ms ARMITAGE (Launceston) - Mr President, I acknowledge the points the Leader and other members have raised and support the motion as noted. No one should endure bullying, harassment or any form of discrimination. Everyone has the right to a safe, inclusive, engaging workplace. I am saddened that many people have experienced the issues as clearly set out in the Report into Workplace Culture of the Tasmanian Ministerial and Parliamentary Services.

As the report outlines, discrimination, harassment and bullying can take many forms and as members of parliament we are expected to set an example. I thank those people who told their stories and experiences, and I am very sorry for what they have gone through and perhaps in some cases are still experiencing. I am sure there are others for a variety of reasons who did not tell their stories, but who have issues. Everyone should be treated with respect and, like others, I was surprised, shocked and saddened that this could be happening in our workplace. I am also saddened that there was an overwhelming lack of faith in the process and fairness in dealing with complaints and complaint outcomes. I have no doubt that sometimes influences whether someone will come forward with issues. They fear that nothing will happen to resolve the issue, and sometimes they fear they will become a target.

I was pleased to note that with regard to positive experiences comments were made that:

In the most part, the staff that work at Parliament House are excellent.

Another comment:

There is a high degree of respect and professional competence and a strong culture of looking out for one another.

It is important to look out for one another and to call out inappropriate behaviour. There is no place for harassment, bullying or discrimination of any kind in our workplace and I support the motion before us.


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