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Question without notice - Waiting list for hip replacement procedures

Tuesday 9 November 2021


[2.41 p.m.]

Further to my previous question asked about a hip replacement procedure waiting list, will the Leader please clarify:

(1) Whether the answer provided on 28 October 2021 was for actual replacement procedures or for initial or follow-up consultation prior to surgery?

(2) If not for surgical procedures, can the Leader please advise the current waiting list for the actual hip replacement surgical procedures for categories 1, 2 and 3 at the Launceston General Hospital?


Mr President, I thank the member for her question.

Reading through your question through Hansard, and I do have the answer that you have asked in Hansard, and the answer was:

In the context of the elective surgery waiting list, 'to be seen' refers to

having the procedure or the operation.

Ms Armitage - It is the same thing. The procedure and operation are the same thing. I am asking, the answer said 'to be seen'. Some patients - I have a constituent who is wanting to know when she is on the list, but she has not been seen for her initial consultation yet.

I was asking -

Mrs HISCUTT - I think 'seeking to be seen' probably means she has not had a visit or a meeting with the doctor. To be seen refers to having the procedure or operation.

Ms Forrest - As related to your answer.

Mrs HISCUTT - As related to your answer.

Ms ARMITAGE - I can read in any of the local papers that people are waiting up to three years so it is interesting to hear one year.

Mr PRESIDENT - The Leader is not on her feet.

Ms ARMITAGE - Sorry, Mr President, as a follow up, the answer given was up to one year. I had the other answer with me but it is just interesting that I am reading in the local media consistently that people are waiting up to three years.

Mrs Hiscutt - I wonder whether the member while she is on her feet, might like to discuss a real clarity about her question.

Ms ARMITAGE - I might discuss it with the secretary of the department.


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